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Do you have a book to write? Have you written a book and have no idea how to get it published? Can't get a big traditional agent or publishing house to look at your book?

Publish as an independent author with our help!

Even if you are able to get a publishing agent to market your book to a traditional publishing house, they will take up to 15% of the profits once published. Should you get that book deal with a traditional publishing house, they will ask YOU to market and promote your book while taking a huge cut in the profit.

And with Wild Ideas Press you will retain ALL rights to your book, unlike with a traditional publisher.

So, if it is up to you to do your own marketing and promotion, why not do it all as an Indie author? Well, because knowing what and how to do it is daunting! That is where we come in!

Rather than take ongoing commissions as traditional editors, publishers, and distributors do, we charge a one-time fee up front then all proceeds go directly to you.

All books processed through Wild Ideas Press will reside within the Wild Ideas Press banner with you as the author and recipient of all commissions which will be directly deposited into your own bank account from the various venders.

We reserve the right to be selective about which titles are accepted under the WIP umbrella. 

Payment Plans Available

Services Wild Ideas Press will provide for you:

  • ISBN and barcodes as needed for each type of format for your book and fill in all metadata. One book title needs a different ISBN for each format, ebook, softcover, hardback, audio. - $450 value

  • Copyright page construction - $300 value

  • Complete book formatting and master generation for each type book to be published - $1,500 value

  • Cover creation by an experienced book cover artist for each type of book published according to the vendor's layout specifications - $750 value

  • Cover copy creation for book covers and website - $500 value

  • Upload and fill out all metadata to digital service for ebook which will distribute to multiple online bookstores worldwide - $500 value

  • Upload to book printer for soft cover and/or hard cover books to be printed and distributed across multiple online bookstores. Also places it in a catalog for bookstores to select when ordering. I use Ingram Spark which is a professional book printing and distribution company - $750 value

  • Create a Books2Read author platform creating a single link to all offerings of all formats of your books in various online bookstores so that readers can purchase through the vender of their choice - $300 value

  • Create and setup a personal author website with a custom domain name for you to advertise, sell your books, and publicize you as a established author - $1,500 value

  • One dozen custom marketing graphics for you to use however you choose to market and sell your books. - $1,200 value

  • A written marketing plan for you to follow to promote and sell your books - $750 value
Total Value for all services - $8,500

 Premier Package Saves you 50%

Premier Package
eBook, Softcover, & Hardcopy with full dust jacket - $4,250
savings $4,250
Payment Plans Available

Moderate Package
Excludes all products and services related to dust jacketed hardcopy print books
eBook & Softcover - $4,000
savings $4,000
Payment Plans Available

Basic Package
Excludes all products and services related to all types of print books
eBook only - $3,750
savings $3,750
Payment Plans Available

Request quote for audio recording with upload to Audible.

Our services do not include editing or proofreading. Be confident when you submit your manuscript to us that it is ready for publication. If typos are found after publication an additional fee of $500 will be charged for correction, re-formatting, re-publication, and re-distribution.
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